Problem Solving “Monkey” Workshops

A monkey on your back is a burdensome problem that won’t go away.

Grab for the monkey and it dances out of reach. Get too close and it bites you.

What should you do?

What should you do when you have a monkey on your back—or any problem you can’t solve?

You address it. Get to know it. Let the monkey move of its own accord.

Workshops Overview

We offer a series of workshops stirred from 5 fundamental considerations.

What you know

Describe the problem

What you think

Consider the possibilities

What you don’t know

Ask questions

What you want

Follow your priorities

What you do

Explore (First Little Steps)

Course Catalog

General Problem Solving Workshops

Monkey Steps

Possibilities for Improvement

A Barrel of Monkeys

Multiple Problems

Getting the Monkey Off Your Back

Relax the Grip of a Burdensome Problem

The Full Monkey

Dig Deep

Decision Making Workshops

The Monkey Is in the Details

Weigh the Merits of a Specific Course of Action

Flip a Monkey

Choose One of Two Options

Spin the Monkey

So Many Choices

Planning Workshops

Choosing Which Monkey to Feed

What Next?

Monkey Puzzle

What Are You Thinking?

Monkey Business

Provide a Necessary Service

Freedom Workshops

Monkey Chatter

Mute Defeatist Self-Talk

Monkey Pause

Make Progress

Howler Monkey

Sound the Alarm

Letting Go of the Monkey Trap

Investing in Loss

Crossing Divides Workshops

Monkey Crossing

Cross a Divide — “Look Both Ways”

Sales Monkey

Sell a Point of View

Trial by Monkey

Judging Others